Submit a Repair Request

RESIDENTS – All maintenance/repair requests MUST BE IN WRITING AND DELIVERED to the landlord’s via one of the following four methods:

(1) Via filling out the Repair Request form below
(2) In PERSON at, or by MAIL to, 600 Concord Road SE, Smyrna, GA 30082
(3) By EMAILING a completed Repair Request Form at

(Click HERE for the downloadable Repair Request form)


* You will receive a confirmation email once you submit this form. If you do NOT receive a confirmation email, the email address you entered is incorrect and we will be unable to process your request.

* If a Repair Request Form not sent in via the form below (i.e. you chose to mail, fax or email it instead of filling out this form), we will CALL or EMAIL you to confirm receipt. If you do NOT receive the confirmation call or email, we have NOT received this form.

* You are NOT PERMITTED to hire outside repairmen to come to your residence to repair anything unless you receive written permission from Standard Holdings, LLC. No Exceptions.

* I understand that I will likely be responsible for the cost of this repair(s) should it be deemed by Standard Holdings, LLC that this repair(s) is beyond normal wear and tear.

* By signing below, the undersigned agrees that unless Standard Holdings, LLC receives written documentation from the Resident within THREE BUSINESS DAYS OF THE COMPLETION OF THE REPAIR that the repair work was NOT completed in a satisfactory manner, we shall consider this repair completed.

Click here if you can not see the form below.