1. Do you accept section 8?  Sometimes.  If the property is eligible for Section 8, it will specifically say so in the listing.
  2. How can I view a property?
    • If the property is on a Rently lockbox (the photos will say Rently),  follow the prompts on the Rently website or texted link to register.
    • If the property is on a regular lockbox, text a photo your Driver’s License to 770-899-4474 with the property address and you’ll receive the code.
  3. How much is your application fee? $42 online and $40 in person, both non-refundable.
  4. How much is your security deposit? Starts at one month’s rent and goes up from there.
  5. Where is your application?  Click here to go to our online applications page.
  6. Do you allow pets?  Yes, but only on certain properties.  Our pet fee is $300 per pet to be paid BEFORE the pet moves into the residence.  All pets must be listed on the application although we do not require a separate application for each pet like we do for humans.



How can I see one of your properties?
To view any of our properties, please take a photo of your valid driver’s license and text it to 770-899-4474 along with the address of the property you are interested in viewing. One of our representatives will text you back with the latest lockbox code so long as the property is still available to be rented. All of our properties can be viewed during daylight hours.

Why do you need my ID?
We need to keep track of who is entering our homes and we have found that the best way to do this is with the ID system. We have found over the years that this system does work well and we can promise that your identity and personal information are protected and not used for any other purpose than to exchange for the code access to the property.

Application Fee
We charge a non-refundable application fee of $40.00 for each application ($42.00 if paid online). Each adult, 18 and over, living in the home must complete an application even if they are not contributing to the rent. Please also make me a clear copy of each applicant’s driver’s license and send with your application as proof of identity.
Application fees must be paid in either a money order or cashier’s check sent to the post office box below. We are unable to process your application if the application fees have not been paid or any information is missing from the application.

Rent to Household Income
The total gross household income must be at least 3 times the monthly rent in order to qualify. For example: If the rent is $1,000.00, the monthly household income has to be greater than $3,000.00. Unemployment payments do not qualify as earned income towards the income qualification requirement.

Do you Check Credit?
We are not looking for perfect credit. We realize that everyone has difficult times in their lives and may have let a few bills lapse. A variety of things go into your credit score so we’ll look more closely to see what comprises your payment/credit history. A bad credit score does not automatically mean rejection, although (if approved) it may mean we will require a higher security deposit to offset the higher credit risk you may pose.

If you are concerned about your credit, please speak with the leasing agent and he/she will be happy to discuss your situation with you prior to filling out the application. If you have filed for bankruptcy and it has not yet been finalized we will not be able to approve your application

Do you do a criminal check?
It is important that you understand up front that we do a criminal check. We do take into consideration the type of crime and the length of time since conviction. However, violent crimes, drug related crimes of felony status, and sexual related crimes will not be accepted. Failure to disclose a criminal record is grounds for automatic denial.

Do you do a dispossessory/eviction check?
Yes, we do. If you have had a Dispossessory/Eviction filing within the last 3 years, please discuss with the leasing agent prior to completing an application. If you do not discuss former dispossessory charges with the leasing agent prior to submittal and we process your application, your application will be automatically rejected. Amounts due to previous Landlords over $1,000 without acceptable payment arrangements are grounds for automatic denial.

I make all the income, why do you need all adults to fill out an application?
The financial component of the application is just one part of it. More importantly, we need to know exactly who would be living in the property and how they are related. Certain counties have restrictions on the amount of unrelated adults that reside in the same residence, and we need to make sure that we are in compliance with county regulations as well as know who to contact or account for in any emergency situation. Exceptions can sometimes be made for students over the age of 18 that do not have income. We will still need to have their information, but management at their discretion may not require them to fill out a separate application.

I filled out an application first, does that mean that I get the property?
No. Management reserves the right to collect and review as many applications as they deem necessary to find a qualified tenant to fill a given vacancy. We do not operate on a first come, first serve basis and it is possible for us to approve more than one prospective renter to be approved at one time. Just because you have been approved does not mean that you are guaranteed to have the property held for you. We do our best to give everyone a fair shot but ultimately, whether or not you are able to secure the property depends on timing. The only way to guarantee that the property is taken off the market for you is to (1) get an approval from us, (2) meet us and give us the required deposit in certified funds, and (3) sign the lease agreement with us.

I filled out an application and haven’t heard anything. What can I do?
Because it can take 2 – 3 business days to fully process and review an application, and we may have several applications come in at the same time,  please be aware that it can take several extra days for us to get an overall picture of where your application fits in with the group.  You are always welcome to call and check on the status of your application.

What happens if I state something that is untrue on my application?
Any lies, fibs or misstatements on your application are grounds for immediate rejection. Standard Holdings, LLC shall be the sole determiner of whether or not we believe the information on your application to be true or not.  Therefore, please be as honest as possible with every question on your application.

I have signed the lease and paid the deposit…now what?
Some utility companies require you to have a signed lease before they will establish service.  Therefore, we ask that you come in to do the lease signing with us at least a few days prior to your expected move-in date to give you enough time to put the utilities into your name prior to you taking possession of the home.  At the move-in walk through we will establish the “before” condition of the home (i.e. photos, list, etc.) as well as check the safety features.  You will be given keys and you will take possession of the home at that time. Unlike the security deposit, this amount does not have to be paid in certified funds. We can accept personal checks or cash.

How much is your Pet Fee?
First,  pets are not permitted in all of our properties to please inquire before applying if the property is pet friendly.  We charge a non-refundable pet fee of $300 per pet which must be paid before the pet(s) moves into the property.